Who we are

We are a group of Harvard researchers, working in chemistry, biochemistry, and mechanical engineering.

Why did we create this website?

We realized that we spend most of our days in front of computer screens or doing experiments on our benches, but we ignore some of the main problems of our society.

What do we do here?

We created this website to organize a community aiming at finding what are the big problems and needs in order to make the world a better place. We (i) come with some problems we found, (ii) contact the people that know the topic, (iii) refine our understanding of the problem, and (iv) share it with the community.

What can YOU do?

This website relies almost fully on your contributions. We don't know your job, we don't know the problems you see, we don't know what are your needs. So please, share them, explain us, and together we might tackle these challenges!

What type of problems do you list?

Our choice can be criticized, but we decided to focus on real problems of the society. For example, preventing the evaporation of water in agriculture is a big problem because 80% of the world consumption of water is used by agriculture. The drawback of this approach is that the solutions may not always be interesting from an entrepreneurship or funding point of view. In the future, we may extend this criteria.

What are the criteria to select a problem?

The criteria are still being defined, but here is a first approach:

  • All the problems start with "How to" because we ask for solutions.
  • The problem should be focus on the goal, not the mean (i.e. not "how to make a system with this property" but "how to solve this issue").
  • If a problem is already studied by researchers (i.e. if it is well-known but unsolved) then it should be clearly stated why this research is inefficient and what should be reached.
  • The suggested problem must have references because we tend to have prejuges